On Wednesday Dec. 23, our office celebrated the season with a holiday party and potluck. We were definitely a festive bunch decked out in our holiday sweaters, Santa hats and reindeer ears.

Italian, Persian, American, Armenian and Mexican cuisines were among the many dishes our team brought in to share. From meatballs to cheese boreg, we had it all. Delicious food? Just another reason why being part of a diverse team is a winning combo!

Even Duke, Our CEO’s Yorkshire Terrier and unofficial company mascot, partook in the mix!


After the grub we played an intense round of the white elephant game. Each participant brought in a wrapped gift, with 25 of us engaged in the madness of anonymous presents and thievery. After two steals, a gift automatically become frozen and headed home with the player that last picked it up. Hot items included a Darth Vader cookie jar, battery charger packs and Starbucks gift cards.


We closed out the gathering with an ugly sweater contest, where Nydia took the grand prize.

Spending the holidays with our work families is a great way to keep our internal bonds strong. We hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and can’t wait for an exciting 2016 with you all!