Part 1 of 7 Part Series: What’s New in Generative Design with Solid Edge

Generative Design Brings Topology Optimization

Learn how Generative Design redefines Solid Edge and how the benefits range from lighter components to minimal downstream manufacturing material waste.

With software that automatically computes geometric solutions, designers can design a specific material, design space, permissible loads and constraints and a target weight, that can be immediately manufactured on 3D printers or further refined in Solid Edge for traditional manufacturing. In this 7 Part series, users are shown step-by-step how to utilize and execute each feature.

Part 1: An Intro to Generative Design

In this video, Part 1, the basic elements and capabilities of Generative Design are explored. Review the Generative Design toolbar in Solid Edge 2019 and learn how the revised pin constraint allows for realistic analysis for cylindrical and conical feature.

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