What is Durapost?

Durapost is a utility add-on to Simcenter Femap that allows users more easily to calculate and postprocess fatigue damage.

Durapost uses Miner’s Rule and the Goodman method to account for mean stress to generate an output set with fatigue damage as a percent of total fatigue life lost, using static maximum principal stresses at the element centroids from a previous analysis and user-provided S-n curve.

Durapost Benefits

  • Durapost reduces time to complete fatigue damage analysis by up to 50%
  • Access to Femap postprocessing tools aids visualization and reporting
  • Allows analysts to focus on analysis rather than developing tools
  • Durapost is embedded within Femap, so engineers already familiar with Femap require minimal training

Durapost Capabilities

Simcenter Femap: 2020 or later


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