Course Overview

Basic Processes is designed to give new users an overview of the NX modeling, assemblies, and drafting task-based processes. At the completion of the Basic Processes class, the student will be able to develop basic solid and assembly models as well as drawings using the master model concept. These concepts can be applied in the real world of product development and collaboration.

Course Objectives

This class was designed to increase the productivity of the student, teaching the necessary skills to accomplish the following:

• Open and examine NX models
• Create and modify basic assembly structures
• Create and edit parametric solid models
• Modify imported model data
• Create and modify simple drawings

Course Details

New users and managers who need to manage and use NX.
Note: This course is for users of NX version 12.

Prerequisites: None

  • NX user interface
  • Overview of the NX interface
  • Sketching and extruding simple shapes
  • Creating and constraining sketch profiles
  • Revolving cylindrical parts
  • Adding basic design and detail features to parts
  • Analyzing the history and properties of a model
  • Opening and analyzing an assembly structure
  • Building and constraining assembly structures
  • Using Synchronous Modeling to modify imported model data
  • Create a basic part drawing
Course Notes
Course Exercises

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