Teamcenter Visualization

Course Details:

Course Category: Teamcenter
Course Code: TR25001
User Level: Beginner
Duration: 2 Days
Public Course Price: $1100


Required: n/a
Recommended: n/a

Course Objectives:

Teamcenter Visualization Professional enables users to easily interact with digital product data and to view the latest 3D models and 2D images in a single visual environment. The high-performance rendering architecture of Teamcenter Visualization allows users to view and interact with single components or large digital assemblies.

Students will learn how to view and navigate through both CAD model assembly data and geometry, and how to manipulate both. The course is structured so that simple data is brought in and used during hands-on exploration of the software's many powerful features.

All class exercises incorporate several skills and tools to encourage the development of integrated learning and application of the software.


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