Definition of the term Travel and calculation of number of iterations per one travel?


FloEFD performs the first convergence check upon reaching 1 travel.  The term “travel” is an internal calculation terminology and from a user-standpoint can be imagined as the point of time when beginning from the defined inlet(s) a fluid particle passes the outlet(s) for the first time.

The term “Iterations per 1 travel” is a calculus estimate of how many iterations FloEFD needs to perform to reach this first travel.


Sometimes it could be of interest to manually perform such an estimate.

What is the formula with which the value for the term “Iterations per 1 travel” is calculated by FloEFD?

The number of iterations needed to reach 1 travel is calculated by FloEFD using the formula:

Formula for number of iterations per 1 travel

with (total number of mesh cells) = number of solid cells + number of fluid cells + number of partial cells