How to move an existing user-modified Engineering Database to a new version of FloEFD?


Let us assume you upgraded FloEFD to a new Version (e.g. from Version 15.0 to Version 17.0). Is it possible to move or copy the user-modified Engineering Database (possibly containing many user-defined entries) to this new Version of FloEFD in order to be used and accessed?

There are two ways to achieve this:

Method A: Explicit export and re-import of single items or subnodes of the dedicated *.xml Engineering Database file (this method is preferable if the target database has already been modified as well)

  1. Open the Engineering Database from inside the old version of FloEFD (in this example let us assume Version 15 to be the old version).
  2. Select the item you want export.  This could be either a single item or a subnode.  We will use a Combustible Mixture as example here.

Single Item:

Entire subnode:

3. Save the *.xml file to some location on your hard drive (where you’ll find it).

4. Open the Engineering Database from inside the new version of FloEFD (in this example let us assume Version 17 to be the new version).

5. Open the File Menu and select Import.  Select the *.xml file you exported under step 3 and confirm your choice.

6. The import filter will take care of the kind of database entry and will create a new subfolder in the associated user-defined subnode with the name of the imported *.xml file:

7. If this folder is unwanted, you may move the items from the subfolder by dragging and dropping to the subnode directly and delete the subfolder afterwards.

8. Do not forget to save the changes.

Method B: Moving the database of an old version into a new, fresh and clean installation of a new version:

1. Locate the old database.  It should be located in the ProgramData folder, e.g.: C:\ProgramData\MentorGraphics\FloEFD FE15\CHEMBASEUSER2.XML

2. Simply copy this file to the new version folder, e.g.: C:\ProgramData\MentorGraphics\FloEFD FE17\CHEMBASEUSER2.XML3. Restart FloEFD

3. Restart FloEFD.