How to use the Transient Explorer?


The Transient Explorer is a fast way to explore FloEFD’s results on cut plots and surface plots after a transient calculation.

It requires much less time and disk space to be created than a classic animation.


Once the time-dependent option has been specified in the General Settings (or the Wizard), it is possible to activate the Transient Explorer saving in the Calculation Control Options window:

The data to set are:

  1. The start and the periodicity of the saving (this saving can be done at each iteration as it will not require too many resources)
  2. The variables to be saved (only those variables will be available for Transient Explorer at the end of the calculation)

Note that the Transient Explorer CANNOT be activated during the solving in the Calculation Control Options from the Solver Monitor window.

Once the calculation is finished, you can activate the Transient Explorer from the Results section either by right-clicking on Results or from the FloEFD toolbars:

The list of available features will be shortened as some objects like Flow Trajectories cannot be shown using the Transient Explorer.  A slider bar will appear in the Graphical Area and it can be used to navigate through the transient results on the displayed plots:

A movie can be exported from the Animation feature.