A vortex crosses the pressure opening warning solution?


Warning in the calculation window saying A vortex crosses the pressure opening warning.


At a pressure boundary you have some recirculation at the edge of the domain.  This can lead to incorrect results.

During simulations a warning can pop up saying a vortex is crossing a pressure opening, this means, you have some recirculation at the edge of the domain. This can lead to incorrect results.

There are a few ways this can be fixed in FloEFD:

Extend the domain size to calculate all the recirculation properly.  This allows FloEFD to resolve the recirculation region and more accurate results will be seen with the expected flow characteristics:

It may be possible that the mesh is too coarse to capture all the effects of the flow in that region, using a local mesh region will allow just this region to be refined:

There may be some flow and overall physics which show time-dependent effects which can result in the goals oscillating and causing this warning.  In this case, you may try to do a time-dependent analysis to further observe these effects and to obtain direct physical time-dependent results.

It may be that for the geometry and boundary conditions, this behavior is correct and further investigation is required.