Saratech – Where did it start?

Over the last few years, Saratech Engineering Solutions has grown to become a prominent company in the world of CAD, CAE, and CAM.  With its sturdy and efficient infrastructure, hardworking staff, and determined precision, it is hard to believe that this well-oiled company began originally simply as a vision in the mind of its CEO—Saeed Paydarfar in 2004.

At the time, Dr.Paydarfar worked for Ford, commuting to Detroit from his LA home. After a phone call from his young daughter Sara asking for him to return, he decided to quit his job and start his own company, fondly naming it Saratech after his daughter. While creating the basis for his new business, Dr. Paydarfar worked as an executive for Alpshastar and Advantech. In the summer of 2005, Saratech received its Northrop contract, a PLM contract which allowed him to hire employees, and a year later it signed with VGS. Saratech facilitated an organic growth and began hiring in 2007, taking steps in becoming a software powerhouse.

Saratech has not only survived a tumultuous economy but has continued to thrive despite of it, holding the title of Siemen’s Platinum Performer since the beginning as well as making the jump from being 2 million dollar company to a 10 million dollar company. A contribute of the natural growth was due to the acquisition of the company Saber Design and Analysis. Although it was difficult to integrate the new company without slowing Saratech’s progress, Dr. Paydarfar and his staff were able to pull through, and come out on top— ultimately strengthening and reinforcing Saratech’s infrastructure. Saratech is using its industrious history in setting sight in becoming a 20 million dollar company within the next twenty four months.

When asked, Dr.Paydarfar accredits his workers as acting as a catalyst in the evolution of his company. He strongly believes in “Hiring people who are better than himself with a good work ethic and work-life balance”.  Looking at the staff of Saratech, his statements are proven to be extremely accurate. The employees of Saratech are a diverse group of people who are focused and hard working. They produce the highest quality work with swift execution and in a timely manner. Every employee strives for excellence and is open to new ideas and opinions. Truly, it is only with such a talented group of people that Saratech has been able to achieve its present day success.  Looking back on his achievements and the growth of his company, Dr. Paydarfar says that he “Feels very lucky to have made it this far”.