Our Engineering Staffing Agency Capabilities

Many organizations face an engineering talent shortage that impacts their ability to deliver products. Demand for technical experts is larger than the available talent pool, making it difficult to fill open positions and meet project requirements. Senior engineers with years of experience are especially hard to find.

Engineering staffing agencies can help organizations find the technical personnel they need, but some are merely search firms that forward resumes that match keywords. Hiring managers must sort through hundreds or even thousands of resumes of individuals who lack needed skills.

Saratech’s engineering staffing agency is designed to ensure that the right resources are brought to bear for each customer. The Saratech team includes highly qualified and experienced engineers who follow a well-defined methodology for project delivery. Careful monitoring of key metrics helps maximize both technical accuracy and business value.

Saratech is large enough to take on major projects but small enough to take a personal approach. Our flexibility and agility enable us to customize our offerings within the framework of our project management methodology.

Benefits of Engineering Staffing Agency

Saratech provides expert engineering staffing services to help our customers save money and fill resource gaps. We specialize in outsourced project delivery but can also meet temporary onsite staffing needs. Either way, our objective is to serve as an extension of our customer’s team.

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We fill a variety of engineering roles for product design, analysis and simulation, digital transformation, product lifecycle management (PLM), and engineering process optimization. Our team has extensive experience in multiple engineering disciplines including product design, product analysis and simulation, engineering data and process management, and the design and building of large complex assemblies.

When a customer presents us with a project, we will begin a detailed scoping effort to confirm the technical requirements and estimate lead times. We then develop a project plan and identify the metrics that will be tracked. A well-defined validation process helps to ensure that your project is successfully delivered to requirements.

Each project is managed from end to end with monitoring and validation focused on three key areas:

  • Cost. Our well-defined scope change processes help ensure that each project delivers value.
  • Schedule. Program milestones guarantee the delivery of a project on a schedule that meets the customer’s needs.
  • Technical accuracy. We have developed parameters, checkpoints and checklists that help our engineers meet technical compliance standards.

Weekly status reports enable our customers to stay abreast of progress and ensure that timelines and requirements are being met.

Why Choose Saratech as your Engineering Staffing Agency?


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