Discover the Advantage Teamcenter X Gives Your Team

To assist you with managing and working with product information and processes, Siemens Digital Industries Software offers Teamcenter software. Teamcenter X is a modern version of PLM that is a cloud-based product lifecycle management platform. It is the most widely used PLM portfolio in the world. It allows users to edit product data and processes such as 3D designs, embedded software, documentation and bill of materials. 

Benefits of Teamcenter X On The Cloud

When using Teamcenter X the user will immediately realize the benefits it provides.  There are several benefits that come with using Teamcenter X on the cloud, some of the main benefits are:

  • Delivering cloud Saas PLM for instant access when working anywhere with internet access
  • Control, share and collaborate across multiple mechanical and electronic design tools
  • Accelerating product development by supporting design re-use, managing change and speeding cycle time
  • Invest in predictable, operational expense use of existing IT infrastructure versus capital expense for low cost of ownership
  • Eliminate the complexity, time, cost and risk of PLM installation, maintenance and upgrades
  • Teamcenter cloud provides a future ready and modern cloud PLM solution

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A More in Depth Look at Teamcenter X On The Cloud

Teamcenter X builds on Siemens experience in PLM so companies can get up and running quickly and grow faster. Teamcenter on the cloud is easy to use for all employees across a company’s and allows everyone to participate in the PLM process. It can help you manage and share product information, accelerate product related processes and manage product knowledge which is an extremely important asset. Dive deeper into some of the features of Teamcenter X below.

1MCAD and ECAD Data Management
Teamcenter X can bring mechanical and electrical designs together in one PLM system. This can improve productivity and efficiency to accelerate product development. Teamcenter X can also provide Mechanical Computer Aided (MCAD) data management for design teams to create, manage and re-use data. Electronic Computer Aided Design (ECAD) Teams can increase their productivity by integrating design flows, managing all your design, and enabling you to share data across all domains. Teamcenter cloud enables you to leverage your ECAD part library and make it available across multiple ECAD tools to help reduce product cost and facilitate environmental compliance.
2Bill of Materials Management
Teamcenter X includes bill-of-materials (BOM) management so you have a single source for all the parts, components and assemblies that make up your product. When both mechanical and electronic designs are managed by Teamcenter X, you can create a multi-domain BOM to provide a more comprehensive view of the product to stakeholders across the business.
3CAD Neutral Visualization
Teamcenter X supports the JT data format standard for CAD-neutral visualization so designs can be shared, marked up and interrogated by people across the business.
4Document Management
You can use Teamcenter X to manage all product-related documents, including those created with Microsoft Office and Adobe, along with MCAD and ECAD designs to extend the use of PLM to users outside of the engineering department. Product-related documents include technical publications, process sheets, customer requirements, manufacturing setups, test specifications or any other documents that you may want to manage. With Microsoft Office integration, you can even interact with product information and workflow processes directly from familiar Office applications.
5Active Workspace
Active Workspace is the primary user interface for Teamcenter X, supporting collaboration across locations for users who work from home, the office, or any-where else they have internet access to securely access product information and easily collaborate on processes across the business. The easy-to-use, easy-to-access client is ideal for anyone across the business who needs access to product information and processes. For your design teams, Teamcenter on the cloud can be hosted within the MCAD and ECAD design application using the Active Workspace client, so designers can easily access Teamcenter X without opening a new application or window for PLM. For everyone else, Active Workspace pro-vides a simple web interface that is easy to access and use. Active Workspace is easily adaptable to specific user needs.
6Modern, Scalable Cloud SaaS Delivery

Teamcenter X brings you up to date cloud technology and a wide range of scalable cloud Teamcenter solutions with years of industry expertise built in. Teamcenter X assists companies large and small, quickly realize value without the information technology resources that have traditionally been used with Product Life Cycle Management deployments. Companies now have the convenience of choosing from preprogrammed engineering and business solutions that bring you quick results with the option to add more capabilities as their business needs grow. By choosing preprogrammed cloud SaaS delivery, you can reduce the costs of consulting and maintenance. All the operations and maintenance for Teamcenter X, including upgrades to keep you running with all the latest product enhancements, are managed by Siemens. The flexible SaaS financial model includes setup, administration, operations management services and upgrades to get you up and running quickly and cost-effectively for a fast return on your investment.

The Siemens-managed SaaS environment is built on enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure from a public cloud provider, which includes security, compliance and support for global organizations. The cloud infrastructure is housed in data centers and designed to satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive customers. The Teamcenter on the cloud infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place for customer privacy and data loss risks.


How Teamcenter X On the Cloud Helps You

Product information is not only important to design teams, it is important to everyone across a company. Everyone in a company needs to access the most up to date information whether that is in the office, at home or anywhere with internet access. Teamcenter X allows users to collaborate on processes across the business as well. Companies constantly must deal with the challenges of reducing development costs, increasing product quality and improving productivity. Teamcenter X can assist with these challenges. Overall, Teamcenter X is an extremely beneficial asset for a business to have. It is very important for employees to be able to access and manage data in an efficient manner. As mentioned earlier, Teamcenter X is easily accessible from any location with internet access. It is already widely used by businesses across the world and brings many benefits to those businesses.


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