Saratech assesses your current CAE/simulation processes and makes improvement recommendations in order for your company to get the most from its CAE/simulation investment.

  • High-level assessment of desired CAE/simulation process improvements
  • Assessment of your current CAE/simulation processes to identify bottlenecks and areas for speed and quality improvement
  • Assessment of your CAE users' skills with respect to the CAE software products you use
  • Documentation of our findings and process improvement recommendations
  • Implementation of process improvement projects for which you select Saratech

Benefits of CAE/Simulation Process Assessment

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Who Can Benefit?

Companies that use CAE/simulation and want to improve its beneficial impact to the business.

Customer Value Realization

  • Improved CAE/simulation processes that have beneficial impact on your products and product development process 
  • Increased return on your CAE/simulation investment



Why Choose Saratech?


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