Saratech transfers its product development knowledge and skills to your employees.

  • Training in how to use various commercial software products
  • Training in how to use custom software as part of a Saratech-delivered project (workflow automation, for example) in the context of your overall processes
  • Training in new processes and best practices that result from process assessments and improvement projects

Benefits of Knowledge Transfer

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Who Can Benefit?

  • Companies for which Saratech performs process improvement projects
  • Companies that have Siemens design, CAE/simulation, CAM, and product data management software

Customer Value Realized

Employees who have more process and tools knowledge, leading to a better product development experience and to more productive and satisfied employees.


Why Choose Saratech?


Whitepaper: Product Development Process: Reasons to Improve Your ProcessThe following whitepaper describes the necessity for evaluating and enhancing your company’s current product development process.

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