What is Engineering Data Conversion?

Conversion of company legacy engineering and design data and documentation from a variety of outdated or outmoded formats into state-of-the-art, fully parametric 3D CAD formats, including solid models and assemblies as well as associated drawings.

Outdated systems and legacy data is a common cause of a sluggish workflow that is often overlooked. Typically, this data can still be very useful, however it is of little help to your company when stored in outdated software and file formats. Since this data can still provide value, converting to the latest file format is crucial for effectively preserving this information while making sure it is accessible so it can be beneficial to the organization.

Saratech has an experienced team of engineers that are well-versed in converting legacy data using best practices. Our team's flexibilty and resource network allows us to get moving on projects rapidly. We utilize a robust and effective quality check process and configuration management system so you can be sure that your data is in good hands.

Benefits of Converting Legacy Engineering Data?

Who Would Benefit?

The benefits of having modern, updated, and secure engineering data is apparent. From development to production and product support, your technical organizations rely on this data to effectively do their jobs. Engineering data conversion is beneficial to:

  • Any company that owns intellectual property for a product
  • Aerospace companies
  • Bio Medical companies
  • Engineering functional leaders
  • Marketing groups
  • Maintenance and repair organizations



Why Choose Saratech?


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