Saratech: An ideal partner to the manufacturing industry

Let us show you how you can improve your manufacturing operation.

Industry Knowledge

    • Best practices
    • Experience on a wide range of machines
    • Tooling & handling equipment
    • Quality systems

Engineering know how

    • Experienced aerospace engineers
    • Experienced leadership team
    • Long track record of success
    • Extensive CNC programming experience

How Can We Help?

We enable our customers to manufacture more parts in less time with higher quality and greater repeatability.


NX CAM Software Training & Adoption

Saratech Application Engineers will demonstrate unused capabilities of NX CAM software and train your team in implementing the aspects most valuable to your operation. Some examples:

  • Engineering change order process
  • Feature based machining
  • Part templates

Creation of CNC machine G-code

Our experienced Application Engineers will build post processors, simulation kits and train your teams to drive quality results with complex and expensive machines. Our deliverables go straight to your bottom line.

  • Build Post Processor - We create custom post processors for your complex machines
  • Build Simulation Machine Kits - We build full machine kits to provide simulation and verification
  • Optimize Machining Processes - We program new parts optimized for your machines and tools
  • Advanced Machine Programming Support - We program your complex parts

Manufacturing Process Optimization

Our Manufacturing Center of Excellence has very experienced team members that can help optimize your manufacturing process (driving improved TAKT times) and process optimization to reduce WIP cycle times.

  • Project Management - Manage your subcontract manufacturing and assembly jobs effectively
  • Manufacturing Engineering - Manufacturing Process Design and detailed planning
  • Manufacturing Environment - Create a full environment for your machines, cells or entire processes
  • 3D Printing - Consult in the application of 3D printed tooling solutions to expedite lead time and reduce cost