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June 25th, 11:00 AM Pacific Time 

Embark on your digital transformation journey alongside Madison Rye, VP of PLM at Saratech, in this insightful webinar. Gain the tools and insights needed to create your own roadmap for seamless digitalization of the digital threads that rely on the digital twin.

Our Engineering and Product Development Services Capabilities

The Saratech engineering staffing team, an experienced Engineering Staffing Agency, has significant experience at delivering complex technical solution.  We can take on a portion of the project – like 2D drawings and engineering analysis reports, or deliver on a design & build of a large aircraft flight control surface.  We use industry best practices to manage projects and provide program metrics.​ 

Aerospace Tooling

We have vast experience in designing and building large and complex assembly and handling tools. We use best industry practices and a well-defined validation process. Our fabricators are some of the best suppliers in the industry and are AS9100 and ISO9000 certified. Our expertise in 3D printing allows for an improved lead time delivery.

Offload Work Package Management

We are very well positioned to scope, prepare, and execute on complex offload work packages from small to large projects. Our process starts with a detailed scoping effort to create a cost and lead time estimate as well as confirmation of the technical requirements. We then develop a project plan and report weekly status. We do this for core engineering product design (like design, analysis, and simulation) and for our digital transformation projects with PLM and engineering process optimization.

Engineering Staffing

Our core staff and vast engineering network allows us the flexibility to place engineers on-site at your facility or our facility for small contracts to large contracts with extended periods of time. Ask us how we can develop a customized solution to fit your engineering resource needs.

Engineering Data Conversion

Our staff of engineers is experienced at converting older data to the latest 3D models and 2D datasets using best industry practices and MBD if requested. We can provide an efficient and low-cost solution to advance the application of digital technology to your company.

Prototype Builds

We have experience in designing and building prototype parts based on defined technical requirements. We use materials such as hard and soft metals, 3D printing, and hardware to create a prototype part or assembly that meets your development project needs.

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Case Study: Engineering Program Management SupportLearn how Saratech stepped in and delivered turn-key engineering support for their customer's product launch as well as dedicated program management.

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Case Study: Tool Design and Build Saratech delivered high-quality designs and state-of-the-art tools enabling their customer to build their products safely and effectively.

Partner With Us To Solve Challenges & Accelerate Your Development Cycle.

PG&E Teamed up With Saratech to Engineer and 3D Print a Clever Control Depth Collar (CDC) Tool.

"Saratech’s ability to look at our project from a different perspective and utilize their unique engineering talents was invaluable. They were able to design and 3D print a tool that helps our workers safely and accurately mark and limit the insertion depth of our equipment while drilling or stopping off flow of gas in our pipelines."

- Jim Pacheco | Expert Pressure Control Specialist, PG&E