Design Smarter Product with Simcenter 3D

Test your product's entire lifecycle with ease in a state-of-the-art simulation environment. Simcenter 3D allows you to optimize your design cycle and stay up to date with market demands for smarter products that integrate mechanical functions with electronics and controls.

Simcenter enables you to predict performance across all critical attributes of your design so you can get your products to the market faster. By utilizing a Digital Twin approach, Simcenter enables testing of your product virtually to help deliver innovations with greater confidence.


  • Master engineering complexity from the early design stages
  • Predict the performance of 3D geometry-based designs
  • Drive innovation and productivity in test-based engineering


Computer with software on itHEEDS
Design exploration doesn't have to stop at evaluating a product's performance. You can now define desired performance and allow HEEDS and your simulation tools to help you identify superior designs. HEEDS is flexible enough to find the design configurations that best satisfy your requirements.

Two men discussing a wireframeSimcenter System Simulation
Improve product quality and reduce development time with Simcenter system simulation solutions. Using Simcenter system simulation solutions, you can evaluate and balance potentially conflicting attributes such as thermal management, operability, drivability, or fuel-efficiency.

Woman on computer with wireframe graphicsSimcenter CAE Simulation
Accelerate your design cycle time with Simcenter CAE Simulation. Import geometry from any CAD source and prepare analysis models in a unified environment for a wide range of CAE methods, including finite element, boundary element, computational fluid dynamics, and multi-body dynamics.

Man working on motorcycle with wireframe showingSimcenter Testing
Get the results you need with Simcenter Testing Solutions. Excellent ideas require superior insight, and Simcenter Testing Solutions delivers. Increase testing productivity, maintain quality, enhance team collaboration, and much more with Simcenter.

Case Studies

Part diagram

Case Study: ATA EngineeringNoise pollution from airports can keep residents of neighboring communities awake at night. Check out how an engineering firm used Simcenter to reduce airplane noise by facilitating quieter landings.

Spherical microphone in a power plant

Case Study: Noise Control EngineeringLearn how an acoustical engineering firm used Simcenter Solid Sphere Array to help power plants meet regulatory noise standards.


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