NX X: Design Anywhere Without Compromise

NX X on the cloud revolutionizes how and where you design at a fraction of the cost. NX X is cloud-based software that runs in your browser on any device. While providing the same NX design capabilities, you now can have access to data from a single location with removed overhead costs. NX Cloud computing grants powerful graphic capabilities in the cloud, users will spend more time designing products with reduced time of managing infrastructure. Through industry leading cybersecurity, effortless collaboration, and access anywhere, NX X gives you the ability to design without compromise.

Benefits of NX X and NX Cloud

  • Speed time-to-market from any device
  • Remove IT overhead when developing solutions for product development
  • Increase flexibility for a distributed team
  • Protect your data from disaster within an encrypted cloud environment
  • Accelerated product cycles

NX X and NX Cloud Capabilities

“With more security, decreased overhead costs, and flexibility, NX X provides efficient design opportunities with access nearly anywhere in the world.”

Increased SecurityIncreased Security

Through the cloud, workers can access all information through the NX X environment, so it never leaves. With NX X, it is also easier to collaborate across teams while maintaining data integrity with an eliminated need for transmitting files by email or other sources.

Reducing IT OverheadReducing IT Overhead

While being a fully administered service, NX X removes the need for customers to manager their IT infrastructure. Siemens NX Cloud Services runs every detail of the environment so NX X users can focus solely on innovating engineering projects.


With an increase in remote work across all industries, NX X provides all capabilities of NX from wherever you may be via the NX cloud. This allows customers to skip the costly software installations and license management while simultaneously increasing value.

The Power of NX X and NX Cloud


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