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Partner with Saratech to print your prototype for design validation and testing, supplement your 3D printing capabilities, and alleviate supply chain bottlenecks. 


Leading Edge Companies Partner With Saratech to Develop Groundbreaking - State of the Art, Products.

Improve Your Product Development Experience With Saratech

We provide tools, engineering expertise, and services that will optimize your engineering processes to accelerate product development and speed up your time-to-market.

Saratech 3D Printing team can provide:

    • Prototype print
    • Capabilities verification print
    • Production Overflow print

Engineering know how

    • Experienced aerospace engineers
    • Experienced leadership team
    • Long track record of success
    • Extensive CNC programming experience

Saratech 3D Print Services Capabilities

Prototype print – We can print your prototype for design validation and testing
Back up 3D print service – Supplement your 3D printing capabilities and alleviate supply chain bottleneck
Design support – Work with your engineers to optimize your designs for 3D printing

3D Printing Technologies & Materials

hp logoMJF Nylon Parts

Test your designs before they go into production using Nylon PA12 for accurate and functional prototypes. This technology enables more complex designs that don’t require support structures. Need low volume production? MJF printing offers similar parts to injection molding without the tooling costs. Have an application that uses color? Our HP MJF technology can print in full color to help your parts stand out.

Print PA12 parts up to 380 x 284 x 380 mm (15x11x15in)

markforgedHigh-Strength Composite Parts

Save time on the mill by printing strong carbon fiber composite parts with our Markforged technology. This true composite mate-rial is strong enough to replace aluminum in many applications. The technology has great accuracy and excellent surface finish. Perfect for end-of-arm tooling and non-marring jigs and fixtures.

Print nylon parts with embedded carbon fiber, fiberglass, or Kevlar up to 330 x 270 x 200 mm (13.0x10.6x7.9in)

Metal Parts

3D printed metal parts can unlock new design complexity. Reduce machining lead time with 3D printing. Produce custom heatsinks in copper or build custom tools using hard tool steel. Metal printed parts are fully machinable and weldable.

Print Copper, stainless, Inconel, and tool steel parts up to 235 x 68 x 69 mm (9.2x2.6x2.7in)

Large-Format Plastic Parts

Larger parts can be printed with our BigRep 3D printing system to produce plastic prototypes as large as 500mm by 500mm by 1000mm. This technology is great for automotive applications such as test fit panels and interior parts, as well as large jigs and fixtures.

Print PLA, PETG parts up to 500mm by 500mm by 1000mm (19.7x19.7x39.4in)

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