Getting a Startup Off the Ground Isn’t Easy. Saratech Is Here to Help. 

Startups often bring disruptive innovations to the world. To take your engineering idea from concept to fruition is a challenge, let alone becoming the next industry leader. We understand the struggles of startups and have helped many entrepreneurs and visionaries grow their businesses. 

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Typical Startup Challenges Include: 

  • Lack of funding
  • Lack of engineering resources
  • Lack of engineering expertise – design, analysis, data & process management, manufacturing


The different stages of startup development require different levels of business model and engagement. All levels of startups are critical but the ability to self-fund, set up infrastructure, and manage deployment will vary greatly.  

Saratech can help you realize your vision at every stage of your startup journey. 

We have extensive experience with startups, providing product development & engineering knowledge, engineering software, training & mentoring, technical support, manufacturing, 3D printing, and engineering services including design, analysis, and engineering staffing.

Hit important milestones to achieve the next round of funding.

Leverage Saratech For:

Product Development Expertise

We use industry best practice to help you set up optimized processes. Our team can also provide consulting on product design, manufacturing, 3D printing, and engineering best-practices.

Engineering Experience

Saratech Centers Of Excellence (COE) for design, analysis, manufacturing, and PLM give you access to experts at every phase of product development. 

Engineering Resources

Our team can assist with staffing, providing you timely access to engineering resources to get your project complete on time and on budget. 

World-Class PLM Software

Having access to affordable, industry-standard PLM tools is key for any startups. We partner with Siemens Digital Industries Software to provide world-class engineering tools, enabling your company to use best-in-class software from the start. Special pricing is available for startups. Contact us to find out if you qualify. 


Whitepaper: Product Development Process: Reasons to Improve Your ProcessThis whitepaper describes the necessity for enhancing your company's current product development process and improving your business.

Team discussing work around table

Whitepaper: Product Development: How to Improve it for Business Benefit This whitepaper describes a step by step procedure for evaluating and enhancing your company’s current product development process.


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