Saratech shows you how to use the NX wizards to do "up-front" design verification.

  • Understand your current design process and design verification (analysis) needs – static analysis, normal modes analysis, and/or durability analysis
  • Show your design team how to use the relevant NX wizard (stress, vibration, durability) in context of your design process
  • Automate the up-front design verification workflow as appropriate

Benefits of Up-Front Design Verification

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Who Can Benefit?

Companies that use NX for design and need to verify their products' performance early in the design process.

Customer Value Realized

Quick-look verification of product performance very early ("up-front") in the design process, enabling changes to be made before the design has progressed too far.

Why Choose Saratech?


part model in NX

Whitepaper: Reduce Development Time with Up-Front Design Verification In the following whitepaper, learn how to reduce development time with up-front design verification.

Man using NX Wizard Software

Fact Sheet: NX Design Simulation Wizards NX Design Wizards enable designers to simulate the ability of solid components to withstand a wide variety of loading conditions and avoid undesirable vibration modes.