Our Product Development Process Improvement Capabilities

We help you improve your product development process so you can improve your products.  We do this by applying our Compass methodology, whereby we:

  • understand your desired, improved process requirements;
  • determine your current process and the gaps relative to what is desired;
  • recommend process improvement projects to address the gaps;
  • implement the projects for which you select us; and
  • assess the process value you obtain after the projects have been implemented.  We work in close partnership with your key stakeholders as we mutually work through the improvement process. 

Product Development Process Assessment

We assess your product development processes and propose improvements so you can develop better products in less time and for less cost. Process improvements include best practice recommendations, technology training in the context of new/improved processes, technology transfer, workflow automation, outsourcing, and software delivery and implementation.

CAE/Simulation Process Assessment

We help you make improved use of your CAE/simulation capabilities in order to better verify that your products meet their requirements. We do so by assessing your CAE/simulation processes and recommending improvements, and we can also implement the recommended improvements. Typical CAE/simulation process improvements include training, task automation, improved design-analysis integration, and earlier analysis in your product development process.

Teamcenter Health Checkup

Just as your doctor gives you a health checkup to make sure you’re healthy, a Teamcenter health checkup similarly assesses the “health” of your company’s Teamcenter performance and usage. We perform this health checkup by interviewing your key people, assessing your answers relative to what we’ve seen as best practices, and making suggestions for improvements (if needed).

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation provides significant process time savings and increased task repeatability. We provide workflow automation by using the automation capabilities available in NX (CAD and CAM), Simcenter 3D, and Femap. We build and deliver these automation scripts and train your people on how to use these in order to increase their task throughput and repeatability.

Design-Analysis Integration

Numerous issues hamper effective design-analysis integration. We work closely with your design and analysis teams to overcome these integration obstacles by understanding your design-to-analysis “handoff” process and proposing ways that it can be improved. Depending on your software toolset, we can also show you how to implement the improved process, along with creating workflow automation to further streamline the process, and train you in the usage.

Upfront Design Verification

We assist companies in developing and implementing “upfront” design verification processes that are run by their design engineers.  This gives designers immediate feedback on their design, which increases design confidence and enables rapid design changes.  As an added benefit, such design-run upfront analyses help ensure that the design geometry is “analysis ready” for analysts’ use.

Knowledge Transfer

People are your most valuable resources. Saratech helps companies boost productivity by offering practical training on the latest Siemens DISW software. Whether getting a new engineer up-to-speed on NX CAD or teaching new skills to an existing Femap user, trust Saratech to deliver the right training to meet your needs. Our online, instructor-led training system allows effective delivery without geographic limitations.


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Whitepaper:Product Development Process: Reasons to Improve Your ProcessThis whitepaper describes a step-by-step procedure for evaluating and enhancing your company’s current product development process.

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Case Study: PLM ImplementationThe training provided by Saratech led to an improvement in their customer's method of managing EBOM, MCAD, and documents for an increase in productivity.


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