SDC Verifier: Powerful Standard checking software simultaneously working within Femap and Simcenter.

SDC Verifier helps to automatically verify FEA models according to multiple industry standards and regulations and already includes predefined Standards on fatigue, stiffener and plate buckling, beam member checks, joint checks, and weld checks. This software is an addon to Simcenter Femap and Simcenter 3D.

Benefits of SDC Verifier

  • SDC Verifier speeds up the engineering process of structural verification significantly and generates automatic reports
  • SDC Verifier module's interoperability, practicality, and speed commanded the loyalty of engineers on all continents since 2010
  • SDC Verifier modules boost productivity and bring engineers to a new level of convenience

What's new in SDC Verifier 2022 R2


SDC Verifier is a powerful post-processor program with an advanced calculation core for checking structures according to different standards and report generation. The goal is to automate all possible routine work and speed up a verification of the engineering projects significantly.

  • Support of Ansys 2022 R2 and Femap 2022.2;
  • Included following types of connections in Eurocode3 Connections (EN 1993-1-8, 2005) standard: CHS chord and RHS or I-Beam braces; RHS chord and CHS braces; I-Beam chord and CHS or RHS braces;
  • New types of optimizations in Optimization Tool: Plate Element, Plate Buckling, Weld Strength, Hot Spot Stress, Interpolation Tool, Compression Only Support Tool, Multi Selection Nodal Force, Standard Custom Settings.

SDC Verifier Capabilities

Unique Recognition Tools

Unique Recognition Tools

Joints and Connections Finder recognizes the different types of connections (1D, 2DY and 2DZ, 3D, etc.) used to determine buckling length, define weld classification and find the connections for Joint Check.

Beam Member Finder recognizes beam members (buckling) lengths for three directions. Buckling length is calculated between the joints and does not depend on the model mesh.

Weld Finder recognizes welds and automatically transforms stresses from element local direction to weld direction (X – parallel, Y – perpendicular to the weld), required by fatigue standards (FEM, Eurocode, etc.).

Panel Finder automatically recognizes sections (frames, longitudinals, decks, curved/inclined sections) and buckling plates with the dimensions (length, width, and orientation) used by plate buckling Standards (ABS, DNV, EN 1993-1-5).

Structural Checks

Fatigue Check is implemented according to the following Standards: Eurocode 3, FEM 1.001, and DIN15018 based on Smith Correction and Palmgren-Miner S-N curve methods.

The notch group classification or fatigue strength of the welds depends on the quality and the stress direction, along the weld (X), perpendicular to the weld (Y), and the shear (XY). Example of classification according to Eurocode 3 in the X-direction.

The fatigue damage method allows for different loading patterns and calculates fatigue life consumption for each cycle based on the stress variation and the number of load cycles.

Plate Buckling Check. Plates can be checked against buckling according to ABS 2004/2014 and DNV 1995/RP-C201 2010 rules. Plates with their dimensions are recognized automatically by Panel Finder. Stresses are converted automatically into plate direction in Plate Buckling Check. Results can be presented over sections (frames/longitudinals/decks) and results that are above the limit are highlighted with red.

Members and joints. SDC Verifier implements the following Standards for checking large (offshore) lattice structures: AISC/ANSI 360-10, API RP-2A, ISO 19902, Norsok N004, and Eurocode 3. The overall section behavior is determined by the lowest category of each cross-section part (webs, flanges, etc.) and calculated for each load case.

Joint Check verifies tubular joints. Fully automated recognition of connections with their geometrical parameters and brace classification (which depends on the load pattern and therefore needs to be recalculated for each load situation).

With the help of a Formula Editor, engineers can modify the formula of the existing Standard and save it as your own or create a custom check based on model properties and recognized dimensions.

 Pre-processing In SDC Verifier, engineers can analyze load combinations (wave loads, snow loads, wind loads, governing loads, buoyancy), and model potential situations.

Post-processing Peak Finder finds all peak zones based on output results and presents them using a special plot and a summary table. Not only the peaks for any general FEA results as stresses, forces, strains, or displacements can be displayed but also all available results from the SDC Verifier checks (Fatigue, Beam Buckling, etc.). The Governing Load tool extracts the critical loads out of a large group of load combinations. Instead of checking all the situations, engineers can focus on important ones and reduce calculation time.

Results are shown on any of the user-defined selections, and those above the limit are highlighted in red.


With the help of the Report Designer, it is possible to create a report with precise structure easily and quickly. The report can be easily previewed, exported in Word, modified, and regenerated in case of any changes.

Presentation Designer – generates PowerPoint Presentation in SDC Verifier.

Enterprise Features

Optimization tool allows taking the best design decision for the structure by calculating different combinations of design input to optimize the existing module for specific terms of usage.

The built-in SDC API helps to write a code capable of automating certain check processes. It also automates the process of interaction with SDC Verifier, and its script is based on the C# programming language. This feature is very useful in cases when many reports are run overnight, helping save time and skip routine work. SDC API can be run even if a project is not opened in SDC Verifier.

 You can take the free trial period, buy the license or rent it for a few months for your project needs.


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There are three levels of licensing -
SDC Verifier Apps, SDC Verifier Professional or SDC Verifier Enterprise.
Take the free trial period, buy the license or rent it for a few months for your project needs.


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