Simcenter Femap

As an engineer, you should demand software that is not only cost effective and easy to use, but with the power to model the toughest problem. Simcenter Femap delivers just that - affordable high performance FEA modeling for the engineering desktop. Simcenter Femap is recognized as the world's leading CAD independent, Windows-native, pre- and post- processor for advanced engineering finite element analysis.


Manufacturers as well as engineering suppliers in aerospace, automotive, electronics, heavy machinery, medical device, and other industries rely on NX Nastran software for their critical engineering computing needs so they can produce safe, reliable and optimized designs within increasingly shorter design cycles. Available as a standalone solver or integrated in NX CAE, NX Nastran is credited with driving millions of dollars out of product development costs because building a computer model and digitally testing performance is cheaper, faster and more effective than the physical prototyping processes it replaces. With increased product quality, companies can also save on potential warranty costs.

Simcenter 3D

Simcenter is a modern simulation environment for advanced analysts and design engineers. It integrates best-in-class modeling with simulation solutions into a single environment, including:

  • Simulation modeling and results visualization
  • Structural analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Flow simulation
  • Motion analysis
  • Multiphysics
  • Engineering optimization
  • Simulation data management and automation
  • Simulation-driven design

Simcenter delivers additional benefits when used in situations where NX CAD is used for design, such as seamless data transfer between the design team and analysis team. However, Simcenter does not require NX.

SDC Verifier

The SDC Verifier or Structural Design Code Verifier is a program to help verify structures in accordance with required building and safety standards and has been built on top of Femap.


Click2Cast is a fast, easy, accurate and affordable casting simulation environment focused on creating high-quality components with increased profitability through a highly intuitive user experience catering to beginners and experts alike. Users are able to avoid typical casting defects such as air entrapment, shrinkage porosity, cold shuts, mold degradation and more by using Click2Cast.

Guided process templates offer 5 easy steps to simulate Gravity Die, Gravity Sand, Investment, High Pressure, Low Pressure Die Casting and Tilt Pouring. Click2Cast's innovative experience enables users to increase product quality and design better products with minimal training.


solidThinking Inspire enables design engineers, product designers, and architects to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily. Traditional structural simulations allow engineers to check if a design will support the required loads. Inspire enhances this process by generating a new material layout within a package space using the loads as an input. The software is easy to learn and works with existing CAD tools to help design structural parts right the first time, reducing costs, development time, material consumption, and product weight.


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