Introducing a new podcast by Saratech “The Human Side of Engineering & Product Development”

Our goal is to share, educate, and learn from leaders, experts, creators, and makers in our industry. We will focus on the human side of technology. Trying to understand the “Why” behind engineering and product development. Tune in to hear insights, stories, best-practices from a variety of voices in the world of engineering & product development.

The Future of Aerospace: Innovation, Leadership, and the Human Touch with Brian Geary and Michael Russell from Stretch Forming Corporation

In this episode of The Human Side of Engineering and Product Development, Andy Deo engages in an insightful conversation with Brian Geary, President, and Owner of Stretch Forming Corporation, and Mike Russell, General Manager. They delve into the company's history, growth, and its key role in complex metal forming, machining, and innovative solutions for the aerospace, defense, and space industries. The discussion touches on their experiences, the recent recognition by Boeing, upcoming projects, and how they balance technological advancements with the personal touch in a dynamic industry. They explore future technological trends like 3D printing, AI, and robotics, emphasizing the thrill of challenges and the immense satisfaction of physically creating components used in aerospace engineering.

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Make Engineering Cool Again for Aspiring Engineers with Randy Mees

In this episode of The Human Side of Engineering and Product Development, Andy welcomes Randy Mees, the Director of Design, Transcatheter Heart Valves at Edwards Lifesciences. He shares how luck would bring him to the world of engineering and his early experiences with CAD and other tech.

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From Theory to Practice: Perspectives of a New Engineer

In this episode, Andy welcomes Kevin Saginian, a new engineer at Saratech. Kevin shares his experience finishing college through the pandemic and the adaptability and motivation he needed to finish. He also gives his insights on how different school was compared to the real world of mechanical engineering. Kevin also provides practical advice for engineering students that will help with their future careers.

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The Digital Twin: A Unified Roadmap for Modern Engineering

Andy welcomes Sassan Khoubyari, Senior Manager of PLM Solutions at Saratech. He explains that PLM is not just an IT initiative, but a business process transformation initiative that needs to be understood and executed by the CEO and other executives in order to be successful.

Sassan also discusses some misconceptions about PLM. He also cautions that implementing a PLM system will not automatically fix broken processes. Finally, Sassan talks about the digital twin concept and what it means to product development.

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Think Big Picture: Engineering and Design Require Holistic Solutions

In this episode, Andy welcomes Jed Bullwinkle, Director of Design Solutions at Saratech. Jed discusses the creativity needed to find the best possible solutions to solve a single design problem.

He then takes a deep dive into his involvement with the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) program and the advancement and complexity of CAD today. Lastly, Jed digs into the skills aspiring engineers need to be successful which include a holistic understanding of materials, sciences, and how one component affects the future state as a whole.

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Let Robots Do the Job: How AI Frees Up Humans for High-Value Work

In this episode, Andy welcomes Dr. Ariyan Kabir, Co-Founder and CEO of GrayMatter Robotics. Ariyan combines available robot sensors and tools with their proprietary AI technologies to turn them into smart robotic assistants, a critical role given the increasing lack of skilled labor in manufacturing.

Also discussed were the concept of robots as a service, how COVID created general awareness of the need for automation, and how AI helps create a better quality of life for people.

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A WHOLE NEW WORLD: The Evolving World of Additive Manufacturing and Its Impact

THE EXCITING FUTURE OF 3D PRINTING In this episode of The Human Side of Engineering and Product Development, Andy welcomes another 3D expert, Isabel Sanz-Ananos. Isabel is a 3D Category Business Manager at HP and will be talking to Andy about additive manufacturing technology, education, STEM, exciting projects, and the future of 3D printing.

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What Makes Great Customer Support with Chad Evans

From developments in CAD and Siemens NX software to communicating between teams, there's a lot that goes through the Saratech Customer Support Team's day-to-day. In this episode of The Human Side Of Engineering & Product Development, we are joined by Chad Evans, Technical Manager for the Customer Care Team at Saratech to talk about the increasing complexity of the software being used and how the team approaches customer support.

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3D-fy: Utilizing 3D Printing Tech in Medicine with Justin Ryan, PhD

In this episode, we welcome a guest who brings the best of both worlds, 3D printing technology, and medicine, Dr. Justin Ryan, Director of the 3D Innovations Lab at Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego.

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A DAUGHTER’S PLEA: Getting To Know The Life Of Dr. Saeed Paydarfar, Father Of Saratech

The words of Dr. Saeed Paydarfar’s daughter, Sara, that pushed him to the edge and decided to leave his job, and start a company of his own so he can spend more time with his family. Saeed is the CEO and Founder of Saratech. He will be sharing his engineering journey and how his human side gave life to Saratech, only here, in The Human Side of Engineering and Product Development podcast..

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WORK AS ONE? Dealing With Engineering Resource Issues & Challenges In A Distributed Work Environment

It’s another episode of The Human Side Of Engineering And Product Development, and today we have Ken Scherwinski, Senior Vice President of Engineering Services of Saratech. Ken will be sharing his story and will talk about how to deal with engineering resource issues and challenges in a distributed work environment.

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PROCESSES, ENGINEERED, PERFECTED: Understanding Product Development Processes

Join Andy and Ken as they talk about the definition and key components of the Product Development process. The benefits and challenges of streamlining this process, as well as some tips for organizations looking to improve their product development.

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HIGHLY SYSTEMATIC: Learning Model-Based Systems Engineering with Michael Ali

SYSTEMS HELP US BUILD THE NEW WORLD, BUT HOW ARE SYSTEMS BUILT? Andy will be tinkering this out as he welcomes Dr. Michael Ali, Vice President for Engineering Operations at Saratech. Mike will be sharing his journey into systems engineering and will help us understand what it is and how it benefits everyone. Tune in and learn more here in the latest episode of The Human Side of Engineering and Product Development.

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The Human Side Of Engineering & Product Development EP01 Andy Deo

Welcome to The Human Side of Engineering & Product Development podcast, a show about the human element of developing new products with some of the brightest minds in the industry, where they share their stories and the human aspect of how they develop their products, and many more. For today’s episode, we have Chris Decker, CEO of Salescast as our special guest host to join and help you get to know our host, Andy Deo, VP of Marketing at Saratech.

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