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Simcenter Femap: High Performance Finite Element Modeling Solution

Simcenter™ Femap™ is the world’s leading pre- and post- processor for advanced engineering for finite element analysis. The use of Simcenter Femap helps eliminate expensive prototyping. Femap’s powerful capabilities include high performance FEA modeling, powerful graphics results visualization and evaluation for streamlining your production process. Use Simcenter Femap to create, edit, and import/re-use mesh-centric finite element analysis models of complex products or systems at a low cost. Femap provides easy to use methods for modeling components, assemblies and systems. Femap also helps determine the behavioral response of your design for a given operating environment.

Benefits of Simcenter Femap

  • Femap clearly models entity visualization and selection
  • Femap streamlines workflows and re-use of previous data definitions
  • Femap improves robustness for analysis applications

Introducing Simcenter Femap 2022.2

Simcenter Femap software is now released on a biannual schedule, which began with version Simcenter Femap 2019.1 and continues with version 2022.2. The software is now referred to as Simcenter Femap to reflect that it is a part of the Simcenter portfolio of Siemens CAE products.

Simcenter FEMAP Capabilities

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