Master NX with these quick tips and tricks

Brush up on your NX skills in this quick tutorial of several NX tips and tricks. Ideally, a user following along to this video would have a basic understanding of NX, but even first-time users can benefit from watching.

Before watching

Remember that many things in NX are customizable. Don’t be afraid to look at preferences and settings, and if you aren’t sure how to change something, try searching for a helpful guide on the Siemens community site or comment below to for extra help.

Keep in mind: You can search for a customer default by clicking the Search button (binoculars) in the upper right of the Customer Defaults dialog. The Manage Current Settings button next to it shows all defaults that have been changed.

Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Changes to the Customer defaults aren’t applied until you restart NX. If you have disabled the reminder for this, it’s easy to forget to restart.

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