Moment of Inertia in NX

Moment of Inertia

In this video, learn how to quickly find geometric data involving your part in critical areas and generate a text file into your data to cut design time in Siemens NX.

  • Quickly find geometric data involving your part in critical areas. Finding both principal moments, areas, and perimeters can be useful for more than just doing hand calculations.
  • Generating a text file and copying this data into a report saves time. Data keeping is increasingly important and having a confirmation of these values in a document may be needed.
  • This is a useful tool in NX that can allow you to validate FEA results. When running an FEA, it is always a smart idea to check with a hand calculation to know that your assumptions made for boundary conditions and loads are correct. Doing a hand calculation can also save time and is always preferred depending on the geometry.

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