Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis is used to determine the effects on a structure due to internal and external loads. Saratech can provide a variety of analysis types to help our clients meet their goals, including the following:

  • Linear & Nonlinear Static Analysis
  • Static Aeroelastic Analysis
  • Technical Writing of Stress Reports

Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic analysis determines the performance of a part under time-varying loads and corresponding response states. Saratech can provide information on a model's dynamic properties including the following:

  • Real Eigenvalues & Mode Shapes
  • Harmonic, Transient, & Frequency Response
  • Direct & Modal Type Analyses
  • Viscous & Structurally Damped Systems
  • Enforced Motion Conditions

Process Automation

Process Automation considers the efficient delivery of tasks that would otherwise be repetitive. Being efficient is of the outmost importance to your success as to ensure that the most valuable resource of time is being taken advantage of.

  • Custom report generation and quality check protocols
  • Creating functions for time consuming manual tasks
  • Custom visualization and non-native data transfer methods

Fatigue & Fracture

D&DT predicts the life and damage of a part under cyclical loading. Saratech can provide solutions to analyze and modify your parts in order to extend part life and reduce damage due to cyclical loading.

  • NASGRO Crack Growth Analysis
  • Fatigue Life/Failure Prediction
  • Design Modification to Mitigate Fatigue and Fracture Failure
  • Static, Transient, and Random Event Types

Flow and Thermal Analysis

Flow and thermal analysis cover a wide range of topics from CFD to radiation. Our engineers can help with applications in electronics, aerospace, and consumer goods just to name a few.

  • Dynamic Flow Diagrams for improved heating or cooling operations
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Analyzing thermal barrier effectiveness for component life-cycle management
  • Heat Conduction, Convection, Radiation
  • Internal and External Fluid Flow Analysis
  • Combustion and High-Speed Flows
  • Design Modification to Mitigate Fatigue and Fracture Failure
  • Mixing and Rotation Flows

Multibody Dynamics

Multi-Body Dynamics considers the cause and effects of motions. Saratech's engineers are prepared to provide customers with the following:

  • Kinematic Behavior
  • Design Space Exploration
  • Complex Mechatronic Systems
  • Industry-Standard Tire and Road Formats
  • Flexible Bodies

Design Optimization

Optimizing a design objective (eg. Weight) can have a large number of variables and take significant time to complete. Saratech can offer solutions to optimize a part or assembly in order to reach your design objective. All done within the constraints of the system.

  • SOL 200 Nastran Design Optimization
  • Optimize weight, stiffness, etc.
  • Update and Verify Optimized Design
  • Constrain Model to Design Criteria and Automate Iterating Design Parameters