Desktop Series 3D Printers

Achieve the superior strength and precision of the Industrial Series right at your desktop

Markforged Desktop Series combines industrial capabilities with conveniently compact hardware for an award-winning printing platform. Check out how the Onyx One, Onyx Pro, and Mark Two each provide engineers and designers with the highest quality printing performance.

How the Desktop Series Works

Obtain industrial quality at your desktop. The Markforged Desktop Series combines accuracy and affordability in an all-aluminum form factor that fits on your desk. The Onyx One, Onyx Pro, and Mark Two produce exceptionally robust carbon parts with the most versatility.

At a Glance: Eliminate compromise and achieve stronger, stiffer parts with industrial-quality and cost-effective compactness. The Desktop Series will accelerate your production process with a combination of strength and affordability.

3D Printers of the Desktop Series

Onyx One 3D Printer

With the Onyx One, you don't have to sacrifice industrial-grade performance for convenience. Compact enough to fit right on your desktop, the Onyx One combines strength, precision, and affordability. This 3D plastic printer produces high-quality parts for professionals in a broad range of industries.

  • Winner of Industrial Printer of the Year 2017
  • Produce parts suitable for industrial applications
  • Print engineering-grade parts with twice the strength of other 3D printed plastics


Onyx Pro 3D Printer

Create fantastic 3D parts at your desktop with the Onyx Pro. Not only do these parts have a smooth and sleek surface finish, but are made from a unique fabrication process that guarantees toughness. By reinforcing chopped-carbon nylon with continuous strands of fiberglass, the Onyx Pro produces parts you can expect to be:

  • 10x the strength of plastic
  • 1/20th the cost of traditionally machined parts
  • Incredibly robust and versatile


Mark Two 3D Printer

Discover the unique capabilities of the most advanced desktop 3D printer. The Mark Two delivers industrial-grade parts in a desktop form factor. With the ability to produce engineering-grade parts made with continuous fiber reinforcement combined with unfailing reliability, the Mark Two provides superior performance.

  • Achieve parts with unparalleled strength, stiffness, and durability
  • Print with unique materials including Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, and Kevlar
  • Easily manage print jobs and connect to wifi on a built-in touchscreen



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