Saving FloEFD project definition into single parts or assemblies for library use?


Is there a possibility to save parts/assemblies with their associated project definitions and properties such as material definitions, heat sources, boundary conditions, mesh settings, engineering goals etc. which are attached to single parts or assemblies to a library for later use in another project?

How do I access project settings that have been saved into parts/assemblies in other projects once I’ve inserted such a part/assembly?

How do I add component properties from one model into another, different one?  How do I transfer properties?


  1. Open the part or assembly (which you intend to save in a library location for later use) in FloEFD.
  2. Create one or more FloEFD project(s) on this part or assembly.  This does not need to be meaningful geometry. Exception: If you are dealing with complete assemblies, the parts should be aligned properly.  The number of projects depends on the number of “property sets”: for each set there’s one project.
  3. Assign all required properties/boundary conditions to all parts/assemblies in the project or all projects, respectively.
  4. Save all.
  5. Now you can move or copy the parts and assemblies (with the attached FloEFD project properties) as you like on your hard drive for later use.
  6. Now, when you are in a new FloEFD project (e.g. let us assume you now opened a new model and created a new FloEFD project for it), you can insert the existing parts or assemblies (saved under step 5).
  7. Right-click on the Project tree and choose Customize Tree to activate and make the corresponding functionality From Components visible in the pre-processing section of the FloEFD tree.
  8. Activate “From Components”
  9. The item “From Components” appears in the project tree. Right-click on it and select “Add from Components”.

10. A new pane appears at the bottom showing all parts and assemblies for which FloEFD project properties have been detected:

11. Select the FloEFD project from which you want to import the properties from the list of projects:

A green checkmark marks the success of the operation:

12. Then click on the “Add” icon located in the top-left corner of the pane.  All properties will now be added to the new main FloEFD project:

Please note that also some default properties made in General Settings are imported into the “From Components” subtree.