What are the top customer benefits related to using tokens?

  • Tokens are an extremely flexible way to invest in NX.  They dramatically lower the costs and risks associated with new projects (where customers are starting to use NX but do not yet know the quantity of and the add-on tools they really need).  While most companies will see value in this approach, it may be easiest to describe the value to smaller customers who use many types of design tools and companies where multiple teams need different tools at different times.
  • The NX Design Value Packs are only available as subscription, so all the benefits of subscription licensing apply.  Additional benefits include:
    • Extreme simplicity because new customers only need to buy tokens to cover an overall capacity requirement. This is made up of a number of desktop licenses and a quantity of tokens and avoids customers having to make decisions on each individual product option.  Guidance for Sales to help configure token installations is provided at the end of this document.
    • Increased business flexibility because customers can adapt to different development requirements quickly without having to re-invest.   
    • Increased cost savings for customers who will run a wide variety of applications on an occasional basis.  These customers don’t have to consider peak requirements for individual products but can rather model requirements on overall capacity requirements.   Traditional licensing often requires customers to overinvest in individual product licenses, even if 90% of the time there is no real need for the maximum number of licenses.
    • Reductions in internal purchasing paperwork because customers invest in tokens which allow them to use product you use daily and products you only use occasionally (or don’t even know you need yet)
    • Additional risk reduction 
      • Reduces the risk of over-investing in a certain product options while ensuring customers   have the broad range of products at their disposal.   Doing this in a subscription context allows them to flexibly adjust their token count on a yearly basis.
      • A product option might not have been selected during the procurement process, while afterwards that software option might become critical for a specific (urgent) project.
    • Time savings (vs acquisition of technology)
    • Many new software options will be supported by the token system 
    • Maybe the customer does not really know what they will need so wants a way to be able to use many options and confirm they add value before deciding how to buy them

NOTE: while the plan is to deliver new products with tokens customers.  It is important from a rev rec viewpoint to avoid any commitments that new capabilities will automatically become available in the token pool.