NL Materials in Femap

Nonlinear Material Models in Femap

In linear analysis, when materials have deformations, they are then called “elastic”.  To consider these deformations of materials, a nonlinear analysis will have to be used.

In this video, we will be introducing different nonlinear material models within Femap. Since we are using nonlinear material models we are interested in what’s happening to the material after it has yielded. Inside of Femap, there are different material models that can be set up for an isotropic material. These material models are:

  • None: No material nonlinearity.
  • Nonlinear elastic: A stress-strain curve with no plasticity is defined. This material model will not yield, it will follow the stress-strain curve.
  • Elasto-Plastic (Bi-Linear): Follows the plastic modulus after the material has yielded. Here, you will define where the material has yielded and the plastic modules will be followed after the material has yielded.
  • Plastic: Here, you will specify where the model has yielded. After it has yielded the stress-strain curve which was defined is then followed.

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