Course Code: FEMAP401



User Level: Intermediate

Required Prerequisites: FEMAP101 / FEMAP201, or similar work-related experience with Femap and NX Nastran

Duration: Two 6-hour Online Sessions

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Registration Deadline: Two weeks before start date


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Course Overview

Nature is not linear. Effective engineering analysis often needs to go beyond basic linear analysis and include nonlinear effects to improve product design and manufacturing. This course will breakdown and simplify the types and applications of the nonlinear solutions techniques available with Simcenter Femap and Simcenter Nastran. The course will help provide a “roadmap” for the students to follow when deciding when nonlinear analysis is required, choosing the most appropriate nonlinear solution types and techniques, and the setting up, debugging, solving and optimizing nonlinear FEA analyses. Developed and taught by nonlinear experts, the course includes lectures and “hands-on” course exercises that provide practical applications of nonlinear analysis. The course also includes short simple quizzes to enhance knowledge retention, discussion forums to interact with other students and the instructors and all files related to the course exercises.

Who Should Attend

  • The course is intended for design engineers who already have a foundational understanding of FEA but need to use nonlinear solutions techniques to predict product behavior more closely.

Course Materials

  • Course notes
  • Course exercises (including all required related files)
  • Recorded lectures for all modules of the course
  • Quizzes
  • Discussion forums

Key Course Topics

  • Brief overview of theoretical solutions to simple dynamics problems
  • Linear vs. Nonlinear Analysis
  • Nonlinear Solution Algorithms
  • Analysis Convergence/General Recommendations
  • Advancing Schemes
  • Nonlinear Output Control
  • Geometric Nonlinearity
    • Geometric Stiffening
    • Follower Forces
  • Gap elements
  • Slide Line Contact
  • Linear Contact
  • Glue and Surface Contact
  • Contact Convergence
  • Practical guidance to contact problems
  • Material Nonlinearity
    • Nonlinear Elastic
    • Elastic-Plastic
    • Plastic
    • Hyperelastic
    • Visco-elastic