HP 3D Printer Application for the Medical Industry


How HP Multi Jet Fusion Impacts Medical Industry

Today, almost every major US hospital has an internal 3D printing lab, and HP Multi Jet Fusion technology offers a variety of assistance to healthcare professionals and patients. Whether it's educating staff with 3D printed models or appealing to a patient's creative side with a custom-colored prosthetic, HP Multi Jet Fusion delivers tailored assistance.



3D printed heart in color

Healthcare models

Printing 3D models of organs to help doctors prepare for complex surgeries is nothing new in the medical industry. However, HP Multi Jet Fusion adds color to these models, which makes it considerably easier for doctors to differentiate between tiny veins and arteries when practicing procedures. For example, at Rady Children's Hospital, doctors scan and print 3D models of their patients' hearts to practice surgeries. With a 3D model, doctors can find the best surgical path, which is critical when operating on children whose organs are small.


Learn how healthcare professionals at Rady Children's Hospital use Multi Jet Fusion technology to help their patients in the video below:



Customizing Prosthetic Parts

Imagine getting a brace for your sprained wrist that fits your body perfectly and suits your style. Parts printed on an HP Jet Fusion color 3D printer are strong enough to endure everyday use and express a patient’s colorful personality. With custom coloring and design options available for prosthesis, doctors could see significant improvements in their patients’ overall medical experience.