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What is Onyx ESD?

Onyx ESD is the most advanced polymer Markforged has ever developed. Onyx ESD is an ESD-safe micro carbon fiber filled nylon composite base material with similar mechanical properties and surface finish to Markforged Onyx. It is static-dissipative and reinforceable with continuous fibers to achieve up to 10x strength compared to existing ESD-safe plastics.


Stronger, Stiffer, and ESD Resistant Onyx Variant for Industrial Applications

Onyx ESD

Onyx ESD is the most advanced polymer Markforged has ever developed.

  • Its precision- engineered to possess an extremely tight range of surface resistance meeting ESD safe requirements of the most stringent manufacturers while offering the same industry leading benefits that Onyx offers.
  • It is stronger and stiffer than Onyx with similarly impeccable surface finish, making it the go to material for advanced application.
  • This material is optimized to print with an exceptional quality
  • It is a unique material with specialized material properties.


Material Property

Onyx ESD

  1. Surface Resistance
  2. Tensile Stress at Yield
  3. Tensile Modulus
  4. Available Layer Heights
  5. Available Continuous Fiber Reinforcements
  6. Compatible Printers

Download the material datasheet here. Contact Saratech for additional information or to order Onyx ESD.

Onyx ESD is best used in applications that require ESD safe materials. So, now manufacturers of electronics can finally take advantage of the Digital Forge and the massive benefits it brings.


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