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There is a well-known anecdote that goes something like this - The CFO expresses concerns to his CEO about the cost of training, "What if we train them and they leave?" The CEO replies, "What if we don't train them and they stay?" People are your most valuable resources. Saratech helps companies boost productivity by offering practical training on the latest Siemens PLM software tools. Whether getting a new engineer up-to-speed on NX CAD or teaching new skills to an existing Femap user, you can trust Saratech to deliver the right training to meet your needs.


Experienced Instructors Dedicated to Helping Students Succeed

Saratech instructors are seasoned engineering professionals with many years of industry experience. Passionate about sharing their expertise and expanding student knowledge, Saratech instructors will help your engineers learn new skills, understand new concepts, follow best practices, and most importantly, be productive with the latest software tools such as Femap, Solid Edge, NX CAD, and NX CAM.


Flexible Training Options

Saratech offers multiple training delivery options to accommodate the needs of busy engineers and professionals.


Live Classroom Training

This option is best for individuals who can dedicate consecutive days exclusively to training. With minimal interruption, these fast-paced, high-impact classes are designed to get the students up-to-speed and productive quickly. Courses run from 2 to 5 consecutive 8-hour day at one of Saratech’s training locations.

Flextime On-line Training

This option has the most flexibility. With 24/7 access to pre-recorded lectures and practical exercises on-line, students can choose the best time for them to take training. Although the lectures are pre-recorded, students can still get access to live instructors and support during dedicated office hours available for each class. Saratech Flextime training also costs a little less than live options.

Live On-line Training

This option is suited for individuals who cannot dedicate full days exclusively to training. These live, instructor-led classes are delivered on-line. Students can attend virtually from their office or home. Courses are delivered live, in 4-hour modules each day for the duration of the class. This delivery method and schedule give students time to do their job, cut travelling costs, yet still allow them to learn and absorb new materials.

Customized Training

For customers looking for a customized training option, our training team will work with you to tailor curriculum, timeframe, location, and delivery method that will best suit your requirements.


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  • It was a great pleasure to have Saratech in our facility to train my engineers on NX10. They loved the class and rated it very high overall. I am very happy with the outcome.
    Aviation Company

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