Industrial Series X7 3D Printer

Designed from the ground up to survive the production floor environment, the X7 (from Markforged's Industrial Series) can print parts stronger than machined aluminum for a fraction of the cost. Produce industrial-grade manufacturing jigs, jaws, tools, fixtures, and end-use parts with breakthrough quality and precision. The X7 delivers unparalleled surface finish, build size, and reliability.

Build Volume 330 mm x 270 mm x 200 mm
Layer Height 50 to 250 μm
Technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) & Continuous Fiber Fabrication (CFF)
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The X7 just got faster!

Introducing Turbo Print for the Gen 2 X7. With Turbo Print, you can print Onyx parts at twice the speed of a standard Markforged X7. The quicker you can produce parts, the faster you are achieving ROI. Users can also expect to:

  • Faster lead times
  • Become more agile in manufacturing operations
  • Reduce development time and line downtime

Start accepting more print jobs and achieve twice the amount of production! Print at 250 um, and of course, Turbo printed parts will maintain Markforged's unbeatable surface finish.

Plastic Compatibility

Continuous Fiber Compatibility

Carbon Fiber Filament

Carbon Fiber

The strongest and stiffest fiber with the highest strength-to-weight ratio. Carbon fiber filament can replace aluminum at half the weight. Utilize this material when you want exceptional stiffness and minimal deflection.

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Fiberglass Spool


Fiberglass is the perfect entry-level fiber for 3D printing. It's low cost and 26x more rigid than nylon. Print parts that are an order of magnitude stiffer than typical 3D printed objects and produce functional prototypes, fixtures, jigs, and much more.

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Kevlar Filament


As stiff as fiberglass and much more malleable, Kevlar possesses excellent durability, making it optimal for parts that experience repeated and sudden loading. An excellent option for a wide range of applications such as end effectors, cradles, soft jaws, and end-use parts.

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HSHT Fiberglass Filament

HSHT Fiberglass

With the highest impact resistance and a flexural strength only second to carbon fiber, HSHT Fiberglass is ideal for applications requiring high heat resistance such as welding fixtures or thermoset molds.

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Additive Manufacturing Savings

End EffectorsEnd Effectors

Keep your production line running at full speed. Reduce lead time and cost on end effectors by printing on-site same day tooling. Print new tools and functional replacements for old parts. Save time and money with carbon fiber 3D printing.

Typical Machined Cost: $ 285.61
Markforged 3D Printed Cost: $ 9.45
Savings: 97%

Soft JawsSoft Jaws

Use your CNC resources for only the most critical machining operations. Increase machining bandwidth by 3D printing composite-reinforced soft jaws and custom work-holding tools with the strength necessary for heavy duty machining operations.

Typical Machined Cost: $ 721.70
Markforged 3D Printed Cost: $ 116.04
Savings: 84%


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