Solid Edge Fundamentals

Course Details:

Course Category: Solid Edge
Course Code: SE101
User Level: Beginner
Duration: Eight 4-hour Sessions
Public Course Price: $2,200


Required: n/a
Recommended: n/a

Course Objectives:

The focus of this course is on the fundamental concepts and skills central to using Solid Edge. The 4-day Fundamentals of Solid Edge class is intended to train users to use Solid Edge as a productive design tool - from part design to assembly design and methods to production drafting sheets.

Course Content and Topics:

  • Sketching
  • Constructing Base Features
  • Moving Model Faces
  • Working with Face Relationships
  • Constructing Treatment Features
  • Constructing Functional Features
  • Modeling Synchronous and Ordered Features
  • Assembly Modeling
  • Drafting: Creating Detailed Drawings
  • Practice Your Skills with Projects

Upcoming Course Dates:

  • Online:
    May 2 - 5 (Session 1)
    May 9 - 12 (Session 2)

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