Course Code: FEMAP201



User Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Required Prerequisites: FEMAP 101 or equivalent 

Duration: Six 4-hour Online Sessions

Price Including Materials: $1,650

Registration Deadline: Two weeks before start date


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Course Overview

In this class, users of Patran or other FEA pre & post software will learn how to best use Femap. Topics include: the Femap user interface, how to create and edit geometry, meshing essentials and how to leverage the Femap Meshing Toolbox, Post Processing Toolbox, and Custom Tools. In addition, cover geometry repair & preparation, mapped meshing, hex meshing, using data surfaces for complex loading and boundary conditions, advanced grouping operations, operations on results, and overview of the API. By the end of this course users will be able to use the Femap environment productively, modify geometry suitable for meshing, set up connections, run complex solutions and use post processing tools.

This Advanced Modeling Techniques course builds on the fundamental capabilities of Simcenter Femap, and introduces several advanced solutions beyond linear static and modal analysis. 

Who Should Attend

  • Designers and engineers interested in learning more about Femap’s capabilities and more advanced analysis solutions

Course Materials

  • Course Notes
  • Course Exercises (including all required related files)

Key Course Topics