Simcenter Femap Advanced Modeling Techniques

Course Overview

This Advanced Modeling Techniques course builds on the fundamental capabilities of Simcenter Femap, and introduces several advanced solutions beyond linear static and modal analysis. 

Course Objectives

The course will provide a better understanding of topics such as geometry repair & preparation, hex meshing, using Data Surfaces for complex loading and boundary conditions, advanced grouping operations, connections, and troubleshooting.  It will also introduce users to more advanced solutions such as dynamics, optimization, nonlinear, and thermal analysis.

Designers and engineers interested in learning more about Femap’s capabilities and more advanced analysis solutions

Prerequisites: FEMAP101/102

  • Repairing Geometry
  • Geometry from Mesh
  • Meshing Toolbox
  • Mesh and Model Troubleshooting
  • Hex Meshing
  • Laminates
  • Connections
  • Intro to Dynamic Analysis
  • Intro to Optimization
  • Intro to Nonlinear Analysis
  • Intro to Thermal Analysis
  • Charting
  • Global-Local Modeling
  • Data Surfaces
  • Into to Application Programming Interface
Course Notes
Course Exercises

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