Simcenter Femap: API Development

API Development

Course Overview

Utilizing Simcenter Femap’s Application Programming Interface (API) can significantly increase FEA analysis consistency, efficiency and effectiveness. Programming tasks such as creating code that will automate repetitive operations can save countless hours of engineering manpower. Creating add-in application can further improve your organization productivity and adherence to standard operating procedures. Femap API tools can also automate the generation of standard reports and easily move data to/from Femap from other programs such as Excel or Matlab.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. Create Femap programs to automate tasks as well as enhance basic Femap functionality.
  2. Troubleshoot problematic programs.
  3. Use Femap to interface with Microsoft Excel.
  4. Write standalone programs that use the Femap platform.
  5. Familiarize you with programming environments and how to accomplish API programming tasks.

Course Details

Designers and engineers who are moving into the area of dynamic analysis who need to use Femap and NX Nastran to perform those analysis to predict dynamic structural behavior under a wide variety of conditions.

Prerequisites: Femap 101 or similar work-related experience with Femap and NX NASTRAN but no other background knowledge is required.

  • Visual Basic/OOP Primer
  • API Programming Window
  • VBA Functions
  • Custom Forms Using the API Programming Window
  • Custom Dialogs
  • Troubleshooting/Debugging
  • Femap Application Object
    1. Creating and Meshing Geometry
    2. Merging all Nodes
    3. Mirroring a shell Mesh
  • Femap Tool Objects
    1. Using ReadFile – Creating points from Nodes in a BDF file
    2. Using ReadFile – Creating points from Nodes in a BDF file
    3. Counting Elements to create a group
    4. Groups – Post/Unpost Elements based on a selection
  • Dialog Boxes and Methods
    1. Selector Object – Copying between two Models
    2. Text Object - Add Selective Node Labels
  • Femap Entity Objects
    1. Femap Entities – Randomize Property Colors
    2. Femap Entities – Analysis Job Setup
  • Working with Femap Output
    1. Femap Output – Using Output to create Labels
    2. Femap Output – Creating Custom Output
    3. Results Object – Extracting Bar Force
  • Using the COM Interface
  • Writing Excel/Word Reports with Femap
    1. Writing Excel Documents from Femap
    2. Using Excel to create Groups
  • Personalizing Femap
    1. Automated Loads and Constrain Sets
Course Notes
Course Exercises (including all required related files)
Recorded lectures for all modules of the course
Discussion Forums

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