1. Drones



With drones, we can expect to see higher personal use, extended use in businesses and drones even performing public tasks, such as making deliveries. Not to mention the photography capabilities of drone technology will help pave the way for many industries, including photography, construction and topography!

2. 3D Printing



2016 is going to be the year we feel the push for 3D printers in the average home: the idea is that anyone can have a 3D printer and anyone can use a 3D printer. Many feel it’s time for this great technology to become more accessible and simple to use! We will also see an expansion of more materials used for printing, not just plastics and waxes!

3. Virtual Reality



While virtual reality has been a dream come true for the gaming industry, 2016 elevates the possibility for both personal and business use. It’s expected the technology will continue to develop for in-home use, such as being able to watch a movie or use the internet! Businesses, such as engineering companies or design firms, will be able to start testing virtual reality to innovate their creation processes.

4. Wearable Devices


In 2016, wearable devices are ready to take off. In 2015, we saw the rise of the smart watch, along with various health monitors. In addition to calorie counters and step monitors that elevate your work-outs, this year we can see an increase in technology that can even make medical diagnoses!

5. Smart Car Technology



Automobiles with smart-assisted technology are anticipated to have a huge year in 2016. We will see more interactive dashboards with touch screens, data management and a seamless driving experiences. In 2015, we saw smart technology increase safety on the road for drivers through blind spot recognition and parking assistance. In the not so far off future, self-driving cars will make their debut on roads everywhere!