HP 3D Printer Application for the Dental Industry

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How HP Helped Biotech Dental Transform the Dental Prosthetic Industry

HP Multi Jet Fusion helped enable Biotech Dental to transform the dental prosthetics industry by adding 3D printing technology to its manufacturing process. By introducing a 100% digital, additive manufacturing process, Biotech Dental reduced manufacturing times, decreased production costs, and achieved more precise parts.



Man viewing dental prototype on computer

The Challenge

The conventional process of creating dental prosthesis poses many challenges to manufacturers. The traditional method takes several hours over several weeks and is very costly in comparison to a digital additive manufacturing solution. Patients also lose more of their own time having to attend multiple dentist appointments during the process of creating physical molds for the prosthesis.


Man making 3D dental prints using HP 3D Printer

HP's Solution

HP Multi Jet Fusion technology tackles traditional manufacturing challenges by delivering more comfort, more precision, and lower costs. The process is simple and takes minutes to create a digital negative. A 3D negative obtained from the intraoral scanner is sent directly to the Circle for Dentist interface. Next, the file is downloaded and sent to the dental prosthetic lab. From there, a metal frame can be created based on the digital data. The process saves Biotech Dental much more time than a conventional method, and patients only have to attend one dentist appointment. With HP Multi Jet Fusion, Biotech Dental can now mass-produce tailor-made products for their patients at a fraction of the cost.