Important Announcement: Windows 10 Update v2004 Breaking Siemens Software



The latest Windows 10 update v2004, released May 2020, has a bug that prevents NX1884, Simcenter 3D 2019.2 (v1884), and all prior releases from launching; this includes the interactive launch in native, managed mode as well as invoking any NX session using external custom NXOpen applications. The bug also impedes a user to launch Teamcenter Visualization or any integration that uses the SOA Client, Foundation Viewer in RAC, and Tecnomatix.  




We recommend that you do not update Windows 10 to v2004. Our investigation shows that the bug is in the Windows update, specifically a bug in the universal C-runtime with the function strerror() in ucrtbase.dll. We are working with Microsoft to fix this issue; we also recommend that you contact Microsoft if you have already updated Windows 10 to this release, or delay your Windows update to a version that has a fix for this issue.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. We will inform you when there is a fix available for this issue; our recommendation is to delay your Windows 10 v2004 update. For more information, please contact the Global Technical Access Center in your local region or area.


UPDATE: For the latest news on this topic please see the latest blog post here.