Smooth TPU 95A markforged

Smooth TPU 95A

Markforged Released Smooth TPU 95A

Markforged has just introduced its newest rubber-like material to print flexible, functional parts on demand. Smooth TPU 95A combines the “just click print” Markforged commitment with the benefits of flexible materials to widen the range of printable parts.

Historically, manufacturers have struggled with the slow and costly processes of printing flexible parts in low volumes. With the new Smooth TPU 95A, manufacturers don’t have to worry about frequent adjustments, stringing, and blobs that are all common characteristics of other TPUs available on the market. This innovative material simplifies and accelerates the process of creating flexible, rubber-like parts with no high start-up costs or long lead times. While incorporating extreme precision and high quality, Smooth TPU 95A addresses a wide range of high-value, end-use applications.

Right now, Smooth TPU is printable on the Mark Two (Gen 2) and Onyx Pro (Gen 2) and is scheduled to be compatible with other Markforged 3D printers soon.