These printers are the go-to solution for manufacturing tooling

 The Markforged Industrial Series delivers exceptional accuracy, reliability, and repeatability so you can continuously create the parts you need. Save time and money printing high-quality parts previously machined out of aluminum. With laser precision, cloud-connected software, and material tracking, these 3D printers are built for superior performance.

See How the Industrial Series Works

Named for its industrial-grade 3D printing, the Industrial series delivers the strength you need for tooling and functional parts. Cut costs and eliminate effort with 3D devices designed for accuracy and built to survive the production floor environment.

At a Glance: Say goodbye to waiting weeks for parts and start getting them within hours. The Industrial series 3D printing devices are the go-to solution for manufacturing tooling (Jigs, Jaws, Tools, Fixtures). Save time and money printing tools previously machined out of aluminum.

3D Printers of the Industrial Series

X3 3D Printer

The X3 drives innovation with the ability to print heavy-duty carbon parts that won't bend or break under pressure. This cost-effective 3D plastic printer uses chopped carbon fiber filament reinforcement to create pats ideal for tooling and applications that require real strength. 

  • Produce carbon parts 20% stronger and 40% stiffer than ABS
  • Ultra-precise motor encoders made for speed
  • Laser micrometer 3D scanner

X5 3D Printer

The X5 produces robust fiberglass 3D printed composite parts at 1/20 the cost of mission critical machined aluminum. These tough parts are ideal for tooling, fixtures, functional prototypes, and applications where weak doesn’t cut it - secure strength and affordability with top-of-the-line additive manufacturing.

  • Produce fiberglass parts 20x stronger and 10x stiffer than ABS
  • Kinematic bed coupling and motor encoders for dimensional accuracy
  • Compatible with fiberglass reinforced Onyx

X7 3D Printer

The X7 delivers continuous carbon fiber parts that are exceptionally strong, supremely stiff, ultra-lightweight, and incredibly versatile. Parts printed with Onyx and reinforced with carbon fiber filament, fiberglass or Kevlar are ideal for manufacturing equipment, jaws, tooling, and end-use parts.

  • Fiber parts stronger than 6061 Aluminum and 40% lighter
  • 50x faster and 20x cheaper than machining
  • Dual nozzle print system that supports Continuous Carbon Fiber


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