NX Model in Context

Designing with the Big Picture in Mind

Due to programs lacking the necessary capabilities, engineers often find themselves putting in extra time and effort into a simple model adjustment. Without the right tools, unintentional errors can be easily made. With Siemens NX Model in Context, the user has specifically designed shortcuts that help increase efficiency and productivity.

When a working part has symmetry, knowing your orientation can be especially difficult. With NX Model in Context, you can simply double click on the part you want to work on while having the surrounding parts still be visible, but transparent. Being able to see the specific part in relation to the whole model helps users make the necessary adjustments while visually confirming that the change applied is correct.

Additionally, users are able to modify parts in Siemens NX without having to open a separate isolated window, reducing the amount of time spent clicking from piece to piece, or window to window, and avoiding those simple technical mistakes. By having less window traffic and more visibility, engineers are able to produce models with confidence and ease.

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