HP 3D Printers and Face Masks for Medical Personnel



HP Multi Jet Fusion technology helps deliver critical protection equipment to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and keep medical staff safe. HP is coordinating with government, health, and industry agencies and experts in numerous countries to identify the parts most in need, validate designs, and begin production. Read about the different face mask designs that HP Multi Jet Fusion technology supports below.


Bellus3D Face Mask Fitter

Woman wearing a Bellus 3D Face Mask Fitter

This frame combines face scanning and 3D printing to improve the seal of surgical masks. Existing surgical masks are often poorly fitted, resulting in gaps where germs can pass. Contoured to the specific shape of the user's facial geometry, this mask fitter optimizes the peripheral seal of surgical or similar masks to the face. The frame is automatically generated from a 3D face scan using the Bellus3D Face App or Dental Pro Apple iOS application for Apple iPhone X, iPhone 11, or iPad Pro with FaceId capability.


Stopgap Face Mask (SFM)

Man wearing a Stopgap Face Mask

The Stopgap Face Mask was created as an emergency action to provide backup PPE options if the standard PPE has become unavailable. It consists of two main components (the mask body and the filter cover) and contains features for attaching two elastic straps and receiving a patch of filter material.


CIIRC RP95-3D (Half-Mask)

Image of a CIIRC RP95-3D (Half-Mask)

The CIIRC RP95-3D protective half-mask was developed by a research team at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics CTU (CIIRC CTU). This half-mask has a replaceable P3 filter that meets the highest degree of protection.


Mask adjuster

Person wearing a mask adjuster

This mask adjuster helps relieve ear pain for hospital staff who need to wear masks for long periods of time. The adjuster was jointly designed/optimized by Peak Sport Products Co. and HP based on inputs from doctors and nurses in the field. The HP Jet Fusion 5200 and 4200 3D Printing Solutions can produce approximately 1000 mask adjusters.