HP 3D Applications

Functional Prototyping

Create prototypes faster, cheaper, and with incredible accuracy. Not only does rapid prototyping cut costs, but it enables designers to test the look and feel of models with ease before production.

Today, additive manufacturing allows objects to be built up in layers, whether it's plastic, metal, or concrete. Designers across the board benefit from 3D printing, like revolutionizing set designs for Broadway plays or even assisting astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Learn how to create your product's design and test its abilities under real-world pressures such as mechanical, chemical, and thermal stressors of its daily life.

HP consistently delivers quality output complete with voxel by voxel control for your breakthrough productivity process. Stay ahead with future-ready additive manufacturing, and optimize your workflow to achieve success with state of the art HP 3D Printing technology.

3D printed heart in color

Case Study: Color Technology and WorkflowsFind out how HP Jet Fusion enables designers to accelerate their design cycles and visualize their creations in color.

Manufacturing Aids

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology shortens production time and helps you get the best possible solution at a lower cost. Affordably produce dummy parts, tools, molds, and more with fine detail with efficient designs.

Final Parts Production

From the first design to the shop floor, HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology takes your production process to the next level. Unlock the full potential of 3D production and get the best possible design solution up to 10x faster and at the lowest cost.